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APEX Scalper Pro EA | Top Forex Robot

Apex Scalper runs on an hourly timeframe. On currency pairs with a low spread

Choose Money Management – lot management: fixed (Fixed lots) or dynamic (Dynamic lots).
Risk Setting – risk settings for dynamic lot size.
Fixed Lot Size – fixed lot size, if Fixed lots are chosen above.
Max Spread Avg – the utmost average spread size (over the last 20 ticks) at which pending orders are allowed.
Max Volatility – the utmost allowable volatility above which trading is prohibited.
Max # of Orders Replaced – the utmost number of orders which will get replaced after the weekend or a dangerous spread/volatility.
Max Pending Orders – the utmost number of pending orders placed on the market at an equivalent time.
Max Order Distance – the utmost distance by which it’s allowed to re-order. Measured in pips.
Order Offset – the space in pips to offset the order entry levels from the demand and provide zones.
Target Profit – take profit in pips.
Use reach – set to faithful use the breakeven transfer.
BE Activation Pips – the number of profit pips to activate the breakeven function.
Initial Stop Loss – the initial stop loss in pips.
Trailing Stop – trailing stop in pips.
TS Activation – the number of pips in profit for activating a trailing stop.
Trailing Step – increment to maneuver stop loss. for instance, 0.5 pips. The trailing stop will move every 0.5 pips within the direction of profit.
Multiple Entry Orders – if true, several orders with different take profits are going to be placed at a distance of x pips.
The number of orders to open – the number of orders with various take profit levels which will be set.
Target Profit Spacing – the interval in pips for a multi-stage take profit (if Multiple Entry Orders = ‘true’).
Friday Exit Hour – the hour on Friday at which all pending orders are going to be deleted. the worth is from 1 to 24.
Order Expiration Minutes – the expiration time of orders; set the worth to 0 if your broker doesn’t require a sign of the expiration time when sending pending orders.
Max Order Retry – the utmost number of attempts to enter or delete orders.
Initial Balance – the initial balance. Select the whole account balance or specify the balance value that Apex Scalper Expert Advisor is allowed to use in trading.
Specified Balance – if ‘Specified Balance’ is chosen within the parameter above, specify here the dimensions of the balance that Apex Scalper will use.
Broker Digits – 4 or 5 decimal places at the broker. Five-digit quotes are recommended.
Enable Broken Trade Check – check for problems with deals on each tick. for instance, loss of Internet connection, “trade flow busy,” the worth changed before the installation of stop-loss, etc.
Delete Orders When EA is Removed – if ‘true’ is chosen, all pending orders are going to be deleted when the EA is far away from the chart or during initialization.
User-Defined Tag – a label that will be added to the comment field of orders. It is often changed by the user.
Magic Number – atomic number for Apex Scalper. When launching multiple copies of the EA on one account, make certain to use a singular number for every copy.




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